Air Zone

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We have a super fun inflatable park, called Air Zone, right down the street from us. All week, they have open play in the mornings where you can bring your kids and set them loose like the wild little animals they are. We gave it a try because they have an under 2 toddler area and parents are allowed to help the little kids down the bigger kid slides and mazes. We had so much fun! If you have anything like Air Zone near you, I highly suggest taking your kiddos.

I will admit, I missed half the fun and didn't even get to try the slide with my babies. The boys just had their shots earlier this week, and it has made Parker a little sleepier than usual the past few days. He was extra grouchy when we got there, then passed out in my arms for almost an hour. The poor thing woke up just before they called 5 minutes till closing. He had just started running around and realizing he was in toddler heaven, when we had to pack up and go. We'll be going again very soon, so he'll have plenty of chances to play in the near future, especially when it gets really cold outside.

Side Note: I went back to the store for more wonton wrappers. I guess I bought all of the small ones, so all they had were the large egg roll size. I bought them instead and baked my weight in chicken and spinach eggrolls. Ugh - Somebody stop me!

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