First Steps

I am super proud to announce that Parker took first steps! I looked over to the right and saw a baby unsteadily making his way across the bar area. It took me a second to realize it wasn't Eli. I have been so excited and so proud to see him walking since. Eli has been very excited also. He likes to follow him around everywhere, laugh and gets a kick out of pushing him over. Parker giggles when he does it, so as long as it is a friendly game I won't crack down on his conduct.

We've had a hard time dealing with the shoe situation. Eli has needed a proper pair of walking shoes and now Parker is going to need some very soon. We tried regular hard shoes on Eli and he either couldn't or wouldn't walk in them. They are going back to the chain store from whence they hailed. I found a really amazing handmade baby and toddler shoe shop on Etsy and am in the middle of having two pairs of flexible shoes created just for them. When our new pairs get here I'll be sure to share the handmade shop that created them for anyone who needs a soft pair of affordable shoes for their kiddos 0-18 months.

Poor Baby :(

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