Holiday Faves

As soon as fall is looming, I start to crave anything and everything that is sweet and sultry. Supposedly, it's a natural reaction to less sunlight and a drop in serotonin levels. A large dose of nummy carbs keeps the happy flowing. Well, at least until I bust the button on my pants - then I'm just sad. This is the time of year that I start filling my shower with all of my sugar and spice soap blends to get my fix of scrumptiousness without expanding my waist line. My personal go to favorites:

NY Black and White Snickerdoodle
This soap is a combination of my two favorite cookies - The NY Black and White and Snickerdoodles. I've actually pumped up the volume on this blend a bit. The original had warm vanilla notes with a sweet butter undertone and a kick of cinnamon. Now it is making its holiday come back with an amazing brown sugar and nutty cinnamon aroma. It's sweeter and darker than ever before shooting up the list to one of my top overall favorites.

Vanilla Hazelnut
This is a blend I created with a little of every essential oil, syrup and fruit I had on hand back when I first started soaping, and I fell in love with the combo. It is a one of a kind combination of vanilla, hazelnut, maple syrup, banana, coconut milk, lime, orange and grapefruit deepened with the spiciness of bergamot and clove. It is a completely harmonious spicy maple blend whose fragrant notes are intoxicating. I love real maple this time of year.

Chestnut, Clove and Warm Vanilla Sugar
This is a beautiful spice blend with sweet sugar undertones. I love that it has a huge kick of cinnamon, nutmeg and clove that is lightly balanced out with just a touch of berry, vanilla and chestnut. This soap always reminds me of Red Hots Candy. I love, love, love sweet spice.

Vanilla Mint Mousse
Off of the spice blends and diving head first in sweet, is the Vanilla Mint Mousse. I designed this after a famous little French cake I can rarely find. No worries though - I can shower with it whenever I want! This is a five layer treat that starts with dark chocolate followed by a whipped milk chocolate, macadamia and vanilla blend that is then topped with a layer of earl grey and vanilla crème brulee, topped with whipped mint mousse and a final touch of chocolate ganache. This is the perfect creamy, sweet and smooth chocolate vanilla blend.

Honey Almond
This is a year round favorite that, for me, gets lost in the shuffle of fruit and flower summer and spring notes, but makes a comeback every time I start to get that sugary feeling. To create a sweet honey almond scent I use essential oils of bitter almond, ginger, lemon and lavender blended with Madagascar and Tahitian vanilla and pure honey. This soap is salaciously sweet but also bright and crisp enough to invigorate even in the earliest hours of the morning.

I have a ton of other fall and winter favorites like my Obscure Heliotrope, Chai Latte, Rosemary Lavender, my new Balsam Fir Needle and so on, but the aforementioned is my list of top 5 hitting the shower first!

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