Magic Shoes

I'm so excited! Our custom made shoes came in from elliebeanscloset on Etsy. They are absolutely perfect. They completely solved my problem. For anyone who may have missed my small bloop about hard sole regular store shoes, my kids would not walk in them. It was awful. Eli was so mad he couldn't bend his feet and feel them on the ground that he would just stand and cry. I only tried for a few minutes to get him to walk before sending those suckers back.

With my new perfectly made shoes from elliebeanscloset, the kids are running around and didn't skip a beat. They fit amazing, they certainly aren't slipping off and she has the best prices. We also have matching bow ties which are tooooooooooo cute! I don't have anything to use them for yet, so we just let the boys run around in them without shirts. We all get a good laugh.

And if that wasn't great enough, I made a million more sets of wontons! I'm so addicted. I used the entire package and have a few more creations I want to give a go, so I'll be shooting over to the grocery store. I think I'm going to double layer and stuff some like baked raviolis, sprinkle with parmesan and dip in marinara - YUM!

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