My Shopping List Part 4

This edition of my fabulous finds wish shopping list is all about children, Etsy style! That's right - Etsy has it all. If you haven't checked, you have seriously been missing out. Etsy is one of the biggest handmade and vintage shop sites in the world. A lot of very famous publications find and feature unique Etsy gems. Some regulars include Martha Stewart, Southern Living, Home and Garden, Virginia Living and so many more. There are dozens of shops that I am smitten with in the children section and wish I could feature them all in this post, but cutting it down, this is my list of top 5 finds that I would love to shop baby.

Photos Courtesy of Trendy Peas

1.) Trendy Peas ~ A shop bursting with custom wall art and decals for nurseries and modern toddler rooms, personalized invitations, stationary for kids and more! They have beautiful light, clean designs that are pleasing to the eye not only for kids, but for the parents. Trendy Peas wonderful designs will keep your child looking and learning for a long time. I personally love all the stacked gators and dogs, the windy tree fabric wall decal and no kids room would be complete without an alphabet.

Photos Courtesy of mymarketstall

2.) mymarketstall ~ Home of all natural fiber hand knitted hats inspired by nature for all ages, including adults. With winter coming up I have my eye on so many of these adorably unique creations. AND - It's not just hats! They also have matching cocoons that make my heart flutter and the cutest felted bowls and jars. How cute would it be to have a felted fruit jar full of fruit as a table centerpiece - too cute, that's how much! I would love a pear and granny smith apple hat for the boys and then just for Halloween a pair of the pumpkin hats; oh, but then there is the onion! It's a tough choice. If I also had girls I'd be buying one of everything in the shop.

Photos Courtesy of The Itty Bitty Boutique 

3.) The Itty Bitty Boutique ~ Full of onesies all the way up to 24 months, just for twin clothing, infant t-shirts and more. What I love so much about this adorable shop is not only that they cater to multiples, but the pulse on pop. They have the most adorable clothing full of pop art, hilarious quotes and classics. The twin collection is priceless with one shirt claiming 'Older and Wiser' and the other 'Younger and Cuter' or 'Team Edward,' 'Team, Jacob' - it doesn't get any more fun that. I pretty much want one of everything from the twin section so no need to pick a fave. They all win.

Photos Courtesy of The Sewing Bee Shop

4.) The Sewing Bee Shop ~ The best washcloth designs ever! They also have amazing clothing, lunch tags, lunch boxes, toys and craft kits, tooth fairy pillows and more - but who could resist all the adorable bath ware. I would love an alligator washcloth and puppy washcloth, no doubt NEED the insulated funky dino lunchbox and SWOON - the artist wallets! It's everything I ever wanted growing up. I can't wait to load up on these great finds for the twins.

Photos Courtesy of Bobka Baby

5.) Bobka Baby ~ Beautiful shoes for little feet! There are barely words to express the range of shoe in this shop that will no doubt make your child feel special. They have everything from perfectly simple organic cotton to ivory lace champagne silk that will make any girl feel like a princess. For my boys I would love to get my hands on the organic khaki hemp linen shoe and contemporary organic hemp shoe. I desperately need to send a pair of the fairytale princess shoes to my brother for his daughter - she would just fall all over herself.

Okay, let me take a breath. That is such a load of extra cuteness even I got a little too excited and lightheaded for a minute there. Don't forget to check out Etsy for all of your fabulous finds, and definitely give it a peek for your special little guy or gal on your next scheduled shopping rendezvous.

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