One of 'Those' Days

Today is one of those days where I've woken up feeling totally random and can't think of one thing I'm supposed to do. I think aliens wiped my brain clean last night. We're not doing much over here. My big events the past few days have been cleaning, AGAIN, getting caught by the neighbors hanging out with my kids in my jammies {so embarrassing} and trying to make soup {I think that's what it will be}. I have no idea what I'm doing with my 'soup,' if it can even be called that. I soaked black beans, added a heaping tablespoon of Emeril's Original Essence seasonings, a big bag of mixed vegetables and threw it all in the crock pot? We'll see what happens!

Also, if anyone is looking for a unique gift either for the winter holidays, a birthday, anniversary, etc..., check out Vosges. I got ANOTHER one of their amazing magazines, and they have this really cool set that would be perfect for any man that is into music in the genre of Ray Charles. It is a Groove Collection that comes with an original CD, vintage record, story booklet and a rare blend of truffles inspired by the African influence on America's musical history. They have blends that include roasted yams, real maple syrup, Cafe du Monde chicory coffee and more! I think this set would put a smile on any guys face. I really wanted to get it for Jaime's birthday. He fell in love with Ray Charles music after watching the Jamie Foxx movie, but he already has the darn CD!

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