Taking Care of Business

I've been doing a little of what I would now call Fall Cleaning, I suppose. It's not that I intend to only deep clean seasonally, it's that I only get time maybe every 2-3 months if I'm lucky {unlucky}. It does seem to fall right in line with the seasons now. I used to tackle it bi-weekly at the most - obsessive, you bet! For me, deep cleaning includes steaming floors, tackling the porch, garage, etc...added to the usual tubs, fridge, clothes, dusting and so on. It's a never ending thankless job, but someone's got to do it.

The spiders around here are really bad. They are huge, and I can't even go into too much detail because I have an irrational fear of any spider once it reaches around the size of a dime. I was outside in my pajamas vacuuming up what I thought was old webs and a giant spider came running out. I was screaming, cursing and on the verge of crying all while trying to back up into the house. I was so upset I'm still not really over it. I decided any outside work is officially deemed "Man Work."

The kids followed behind and helped terrorize the usual - Dishes, they destroyed the toilet paper so I'm stuck with another re-rolled Frankenstein, grabbing socks, shoes and other various laundry to hide all over the house. Kids - Pfffffffffffffffff!


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