Time Warp

We have had a fun week with all sorts of new adventures, but the best adventure of all ~ The Drive In Theater! I still can't get over the fact that we not only have one, but TWO, right here in Missouri. I thought those dinosaurs were extinct. We packed up tons of snacks and dinner for the kids, cleaned out the hatchback of the Kia and made a bed for the babies. It was only $8.00 per person for a double feature film. After the kids ate and played and after Jaime and I were sick from eating popcorn and candy, we laid the babies in the vehicle bed to dose off. They loved it - it was sort of like car camping. I can't wait to go back. It was such a flashback to two decades ago on vacation in Florida. I am so happy my kids will grow up remembering hubby and I taking them to the drive in often.

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