'Tis the Season

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I hadn't watched much TV until I was pregnant and on home rest a few years ago. It didn't take more than a few months locked in the house alone before I was vastly expanding my television addiction. I was watching everything from Desperate Housewives to old war documentaries on the History Channel. Before I found shows to get me through the entire year, I had an original 'can't live without' set of shows that all started and ended at the same time. It was such a bummer because I had nothing to watch all summer. Well, the originals are back! I'm so excited - don't get me wrong, I love my Louie, Awkward and True Blood, but now I've got...

Two and a Half Men ~ Mondays at 9/8 central starting September 19th...What are they doing here, by the way? Has anyone heard rumors?? Are they really bringing in some young turd like Ashton Kutcher to replace bad boy Charlie Sheen? He has a lot to live up to. I've loved sheen since the late 80's. I might end up dropping this one *sigh*

Big Bang Theory ~ Thursdays at 8/7 central starting September 22nd

Desperate Housewives ~ Sundays at 9/8 central starting September 25th

House ~ Mondays at 9/8 central starting October 3rd

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I don't have DVR anymore so I can't remember all my other shows, LOL! I know I have a few more, but getting rid of DVR was like throwing my daily planner out the window. When I get slammed with information my brain willy nilly tosses out the least important stuff, and even though my brain and I completely disagree, my TV shows go first.

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