Whole Foods

I have wanted to shop at a Whole Foods Market since I started watching top chef years ago. The closest location to us was a 2 hour drive, so I never went. We had a Fresh Market, which is also really nice, but it isn't the same. In Missouri, we have a location 25 miles from us. My big outing this past weekend was hitting the Whole Foods Market.

They are everything I had been dreaming of. I like to mix in extremely specialty organic and raw foods with my naughty bad food diet to balance everything out. I've always had to special order things like live cereals and crackers, but not anymore. We made a whole day of it - We drove to the store and enjoyed seeing deeper into the city on our way, perused each and every isle finding my favorite specialty foods, then grabbed some ready to go fresh made dinner and ate it on our way home. It was fun for us, fun for the kids and sort of romantic in that rushed, 'we have easily bored children, keep it moving' kind of way.

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