Yakety Yak

My 'soup' yesterday - totally questionable. I don't like beans, so I guess I'm not the best judge. I only make them because Jaime loves them so much. On the plus side, it was a totally healthy dish that smelled amazing and ended up looking pretty. I tasted it the entire time I was crock potting and I'm living to tell the tale, so I guess all was fine with the experiment in the end.

Speaking of health, Jaime and I will be done with our 30 day stint of Jillian Michaels Shred in a few days. We're both looking and feeling pretty good. I was getting a little skeptical when I hadn't noticed any fluctuation in my weight by day 20, but we kept going. I woke up 3 pounds lighter on day 23 and have been dropping a magical half pound every day since. It really is a program you have to stick to and trust that by the end, you'll be in good shape. I haven't bothered eating healthy at all, so I can only imagine the wild transformation someone using the eating plan would have. I'll be sharing my after photos and full update in a few days when we are officially finished with the program.

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