All Hallow's Eve

First off...
Second...We had such a fun weekend! So far, it's been really challenging to get out of the house for extended lengths of time with two hardly toddlers. Having young kids changes everything before they start getting around really good themselves. I would say the biggest dents in our fun days out are working things around nap time, feedings and getting around easily with our monster 1970 Oldsmobile of a stroller. I can't even go to the post office to drop of parcels here because of the small doors and the way they open. Over the weekend we flipped and decided to change everything. We did some crucial shopping for things to make our life a lot easier out in public and decided to let the kids nap where they fall on occasion so we can stay out having family adventures. We visited so many shopping areas, including dipping into Kansas. We went to:

*Nebraska Furniture - HUGE furniture superstore
*Panera Bread and shopped in the Legends shopping center
*Taco Bueno - best drive thru Hispanic food
*Jo-Anne giant fabric and craft store
*Had a romantic date night Saturday night - much needed!
*Almost bought everything in Babies "R" Us
*Macy's...AND MORE!

And we shopped! Some of our best purchases:

*Another new pair of shoes for Eli from Mom's Blankies - his feet grow so fast!
*Lighter day stroller in a side by side design
*On the go food packs for easy feeding
*Stacking bowls for learning fun

I can't wait to go out this weekend. I have my eye on either some Jeggings or really stretchy skinny jeans from Macy's to go with all of my winter boots, the CUTEST black and white pea coat in the world and the entire Megaland indoor pop up play set. It gets really cold here and I want the kids to still be able to horse around.

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