Comment Fiasco

I've had quite a few people {mostly family} text, call and write asking how to leave a comment on my blog. From a very funny comment left here by the lovely and talented Pamela Bates of Bates Mercantile Co., I realized I'm not the only one having this problem. I put together a nice little step by step tutorial on how to leave a comment here on The Everything Soap Blog - This is for you Mom and Dad!

Deciding How to Leave a Comment
Go to the bottom of the open post you would like to make a comment in. You will see the comment box.  My blog is open so there are more options. You can use your Google account, LiveJournal, WordPress, TypePad and AIM accounts. If you don't want to use an account, you have 3 options for making instant comments - OpenID, Name/URL and Anonymous.

For Google Commenting
Choose the Google Account option, then click 'Post Comment.' A new screen will open for you to log into your Google account. After logging in, you will be directed back to your comment and you can see that you are logged in. Click 'Post Comment' and you are done.

For LiveJournal, WordPress, TypePad and AIM Commenting
You will be prompted to put in your username for whichever account you choose. Type in the username for the account option you decided to use, press 'Continue,' then click 'Post Comment' and you're done.

For OpenID Commenting
OpenID is for people who want to simply leave there name and a comment - it's quick and easy. All you have to do is type in your name, hit 'Continue,' then click 'Post Comment' and you're done.

For Name/URL Commenting
This is for people who want to leave a name that leads back to a URL. It's perfect for people who want me to find them to become bloggy friends or for other people to find there blogs and websites. You simply enter the name you want to be displayed with your comment, the URL you want it to connect to, press 'Continue,' click 'Post Comment' and you're done.

For Anonymous Commenting
You really don't have anything you have to do here. You choose the Anonymous option, click 'Post Comment' and you're done. It will leave your comment and the only name displayed will be "Anonymous."

So, I hope that helps everyone out. I absolutely love getting and reading comments. I read every single one of them and anyone whose comment connects to a profile that leads to a blog, connects directly to a website, etc...I always visit the website and blog and leave lots of comments back. I love finding new blogs, meeting new people, finding new businesses, if you need some comment love, need to be discovered, now know how to lure me in ;-D

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