Debbie Downer

My moods are 100% determined by what is going on around me. I can fly on a 3+ day high if all is well in my world, then comes that day. It's the day when something, big or small, happens and it completely throws my mood off. Owning a business where I get constant feedback and running a blog with a lot of social interacting, admittedly, leaves me open to much more scathing than living the private life. I've noticed over the years that people have gotten a lot less courteous and are way more willing to strike out at perfect strangers. It feels, most days, like courtesy is dead or at the least, severely crippled. Has anyone else noticed the etiquette shift?

What I hate most about others negativity trickling down to me, is that I can't afford to be less than mostly happy. Anything less than that and I feel drained. I need to have the energy to keep up with everything I have going on in my home. I need to laugh, play and run around with my kids and I need to have all of my patience for my husband {I probably need to borrow some more of that from someone}, I need to have the extra late night energy to work on my brand, work on my blog, exercise - I cannot drop the ball when I'm having a bad day.

I want to say thank you to all the people who have not been thanked by someone when they went out of there way, I want to say I'm sorry to all the people who deserve an apology from someone and never got it, I want to let everyone know that there is someone here that hopes you succeed and believes in you if you feel you aren't getting the support you deserve and that I think you are unique and wonderful in every way. It might not fix anything, but maybe it will help to hear something nice - Pleasant people unite! {LOL!}

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