a {Kooky} Tip for Moms + Cherry Walls Winner

I got a lot of flak from mentioning this crazy mom tip, without leaving any type of explanation, on my Facebook page a year ago. It is a little off beat, but any overly busy mom can get pretty creative when trying to cut down on work and save time. 

My tip:

Washing Bottles in the Washing Machine

No, not the dishwasher - the washing machine...you know, where the clothes go? Anyone who has had a baby knows that the bottle washing is endless. Having 2 or more babies at a time, can turn a day's worth of bottles into an entire night wash extravaganza. I don't mind hand washing a set of bottles at a time for a single feeding, but I need a machine to do the work after I have 14 bottles piled up from one single day. I've tried 3 or 4 dishwasher models since I've had the kids, and every one of them does not clean far enough into the bottles. They look clean, but leave a slightly dried rice cereal bottle in there once as a tester and see what comes out - Yuk!

What I do is grab all my bottles, nipples and spoons {thoroughly pre-rinsed} and bring them to the washing machine. I set the temp on hot/cold, the load size on small and the cycle to light. The water is blazing hot, as in steaming and perfect disinfecting temp. I throw all my baby ware in, squirt a hefty amount of liquid dish wash on top and let the machine do the work. It's not loud because of all the bubbles from the dish wash. When they are done, I give them all a rinse and pack them away into my shelf, ready to use. If anyone has had the same trouble as me, it's worth giving a try. I've been using this method for well over a year now. It's been a lifesaver and I love that I have all my dishwasher space for the adult dishes in the house.

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