Meet Our Sponsors • Part 3

Owned and operated by Jean Haynes, who attended Virginia Commonwealth University for art foundations with an emphasis in graphic design. During her freshman year she worked in a jewelry store producing jewelry. She decided to focus on an administrative/operations career and moved away from art as a career.  She currently works as an office manager for a wonderful startup company. In her free time she made jewelry for years to give to family and friends as gifts and to wear herself. She continued to draw, paint, and further develop her photography skills for fun as well. Thinking that she would like to take all her energy and talent and put it into some good use, Haynes Her Way was born.



Owned and operated by Yifat Bareket, who since 1994 has designed and manufactured unique collections using gold, silver, copper and brass metals, combining it with gemstones stones, crystals, string, fiber and cloth. Her handcrafted genuine designs are done by using classic techniques and her self developed techniques such as casting, plating, compression, inlaying, weaving, and stone setting, acquired from years of experience. The materials she uses symbolizes the nature surrounding us. The essence of her design joins together genuine materials with her own inspiration creating gleaming energetic jewelry with an elegant look. She has designed exclusive fashion jewelry collections made from a mixture of unique colors and shapes that are presented in galleries, museums and fashion magazines in Europe and Canada. Among her collections she also designs particular shoes, hats and special theater accessories.


A beautiful knit shop with a vast collection of remarkable bags and purses for everyone. There is a little of everything in this shop - stunning oversized Boho, Messenger, Hand Bags, Shoulder, Summer Bags and more - all in trendy celebrity styles and a multitude of colors and designs. Hibbie Bags is part of an ETSY team called TURKISHTEAM. They are a large group of several very talented Turkish and Turkish related creators who produce arts and crafts and sell on ETSY. Their goal is to promote Turkishteam in a friendly environment. Type Turkishteam into your next ETSY search bar and see what this group of extraordinary ladies have to offer!



Home of Pamela Bates beautiful blog. You'll find a record of the good things in her life that inspires her including design, food, people, antiques, vintage, creativity, home, art, and crafts. Pamela is also the owner and operator of Bates Mercantile Co. on Etsy - an original printable digital art & must-have vintage shop. Pam & Garrett hang out in Dublin often visiting the half of their family that lives there. Creativity is something that has always been a part of Pam's life. She remembers selling rocks that she painted pictures on, door to door in her neighborhood. She also always had a love for neat vintage items, especially those that look a little time-worn. She likes to think about who owned an item before her and what it meant to them. In her other life, she worked with small business people to positively position their businesses. She easily got lost in design. She liked to make things for those she cared about whether it was something she designed on the computer, like stationery, or something she created with her hands like arts and crafts, or food that makes their bellies happy. She just picked up pencil and pad again and is loving drawing! You will often find her with a camera in her hand taking pictures of just about everything.


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