our Weekends are Fast and Furious

I've been tired since my pregnancy 2 years ago. I keep waiting to wake up with a burst of energy and that day has not come. Looking back at the videos and pictures I capture from just one day with the kids, I figure a lot of the sleepiness come from our busy schedule. I have been more tired the last 5 weeks than I have ever been. I work out regularly, get plenty of rest and sleep, eat very balanced and I try not to overdo it with coffee because I know that can cause residual lag. I've been considering an herbal energy supplement. Something organic and/or all natural that is safe for daily use and non habit forming. On the top of my list, I've been considering Ener-G from Mountain Meadow Herbs, but I'm not sure. I would love to try something with a lot of feedback so I could have at least an inkling of what I might be able to expect. Does anyone have something they recommend?

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