{recipe} Skinny Bloody Mary

Lately, the only thing my little Eli seems to enjoy doing, is playing with everything Parker has. At the top of his list ~ Blanky chasing. Parker is going through a sweet little stage where he carries his blanky around, all day, like Linus Van Pelt from Charlie Brown. Eli goes in for the attack, there is a lot of grabbing, laying, pulling and WHINING! This happens all day, every day, lately. I've tried punishments, giving him his own identical blanky and a slew of other non-remedies.

Needles to say, mommy's new best friend is a late night Bloody Mary. This is my recipe for a low sodium Bloody Mary that you can drink and still wake up feeling able to tackle the new hectic day. The best part: One of my Mary's equals almost 2 full servings of vegetables!

Ingredients {single serving}
2 Ounces Favorite Vodka
6 Ounces Low Sodium V8
1 Teaspoon Favorite Hot Sauce
3-4 Cracks Fresh Ground Pepper
3-4 Dashes Old Bay Seasoning

Your are literally going to throw all these ingredients in a glass, with two pieces of ice, and give a little stir. You can garnish with the traditional celery stalk or get saucy and throw in olives, blue cheese stuffed olives, cocktail shrimp, cocktail onions, a slice of lemon - whatever you want! This recipe makes each drink smooth with a little kick of heat. No one ingredient overwhelms the other, and they'll get you where you need to go. Don't be afraid to add more or less anything here to adjust to your liking. I think what I love most about this recipe is that I never feel heavy and I never feel bad the next day, even with me not being a liquor drinker.

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