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Recap - This month, special for the winter holiday season, I have put together a collection of some of my top fave shops and included a mini interview tip direct from the shop owner for tackling the holiday rush. Each shop owner is a 'Seasoned Pro,' meaning, they have gone through at least 2 sets of winter holidays and are preparing their improved game plan for this upcoming winter holiday season. For any shop owner that has gone through the winter rush, you know advanced preparation is key, so get ready to read and learn from the people who have experienced it all and lived to share their secrets!

The first day I discovered Etsy, I found the Sugar Robot inc. shop. I had run into the site searching for soft hair curlers to wear overnight. I couldn't keep myself out of the Plants and Edibles section. When my eye caught there majestic edible butterflies, I fell completely in love with the shop. They are so much more than just butterflies. They create the most exquisite leaves, dragonflies, a variety of adorable bugs, flowers, feathers, innovative seasonal items and so much more. There shop is always popping, and with their attention to detail, their creativity and amazing customer service, it is no wonder they are such a huge success.

"The holidays are such a busy time! SugarRobot would love to give a single #1 tip - however with the holiday rush; Picking a number one tip is so difficult, and I'm certain that #1 tip would vary on the merchandise your shop contains! Beyond the obvious of 'Preparation & Organization", SugarRobot would like to add to the tip jar... "Give extra time/hours to your business during those holiday months"!

Whether your shop be your sole source of income, or additional income; they are both income none the less. You want to cater to your customers needs in every way possible. This builds a customer experience, and certainly gives you a chance at repeat business or referral business! Remember the holiday season will not only be hectic for yourself, but hectic for those shoppers also. Put those extra hours in to cater to their needs!

- Be ready for any last minute items that you must fabricate for expedited shipping.
- If possible, create some of your popular items in advance.
- Search the web for 'hot' items you know your customers will want
- Increase your store hours to assist customers and their needs. Cater to them!

Those lasting items of great customer service go a long way! Many things are thrown at you from every direction, and the only way to counter them is with TIME. So put those extra hours in! The extra time you put into your shop during the holidays, surely will sow the seeds for future business to come!" ~ SugarRobot

I cannot thank you enough for these amazing tips! It is so wonderful to find a shop that is successful, professional and has all around remarkable customer service. Be sure to visit the Sugar Robot inc. shop for all of your confection adornment needs, and for more ways to connect SugarRobot:


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