Christmas Came Early this Year

I got a new ring! I'm so excited about it!! During my pregnancy, a lot of things changed. My feet stretched a full size, my booty stretched like 50 sizes and along with a lot of other changes, all of my fingers went up a full size. Everything else over the past year and a half has gone back to normal, except my ring finger. To the naked eye there is no difference, but I've gone from a 5 to between a 5.5 and a 6.

Instead of sending off my wedding band and engagement ring to be resized, Jaime surprised me with an early Christmas present. I've always wanted a sort of estate style ring and I've always been in love with blue topaz. I'm going to wear just this single ring for a while and when I'm ready, I'll resize my other rings, resize this ring a bit and move it to my right hand.

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