Flaxity Flax Flax

Today is a little strange for me because I'm blogging without a hard drive, so please forgive the random photos. It started having problems, so I can't access all of my old files and photos or save new ones. I suppose I'll find out today if I can save edited photos onto the memory card from my camera. It really stinks because I'm in the middle of launching my full lip balm line. All of my recipes and descriptions are stuck in the drive. Pooters!

Anyway, I actually wanted to tell everyone about Flax Seeds today - crazy topic, but I have to share! This does get slightly personal: I've had a lot of little problems over the span of my teenage and adult life. I have a problem keeping my emotions in balance. I go through spells of feeling bored, anxious, sad, tired and mad. I suppose it's pretty much a mild atypical depression. I've also had physical problems - I don't know how to say this without sounding gross, but I have had a decade problem with staying "Regular." You know, like the fiber kind of regular, LOL! So embarrassing! I'm young and healthy and eat balanced, but the fact is, anyone can have this problem at any age. Over time I have tried to adjust diet and have tried a slew of natural remedies, each one somewhat helping with my emotional and physical symptoms - Then I discovered Flax.

I have been taking it for about a month now and have...

*Lost 5 pounds with no change in diet and have kept it off
*Had stable moods most every day with only a slight dip around "that time of the month"
*Have been completely "regular" in the "women don't do that" area
*Have more energy
*Am more motivated
*Think clearer
*Can stay on task much better, increased focus

I discovered Flax by complete accident. I was eating flax crackers every day for about 2 weeks and noticed a lot of strange, and amazing, changes with my body. I quickly deduced the ingredient, did a lot of research and ran out to Wal-Mart, of all places, who carries natural cold milled and organic cold milled flax. I've been taking 2 tablespoons a day with water. You can sprinkle on food, but I flat out take a tablespoon at a time, twice a day. Some other benefits flax has proven to bring:

*Fights cancer, particularly breast, prostate and colon cancer
*Fights against cardiovascular disease
*Improves blood sugar helping with diabetes
*Reduces inflammation, which is particularly helpful for Parkinson's and asthma
*Cuts hot flashes in half
*Helps to regulate, you should know where by now *wink, wink*
*Aids in weight loss
*Reduces bad cholesterol
*Reduces signs of aging
*Improves the body's response to stress
*Helps with chronic skin problems

And so much more. I know I don't have to worry about any of my results being influenced by the placebo effect, because I accidentally noticed the change in my body after unknowingly consuming flax. I can't believe I've gone so many years being a semi-health nut and have just now heard of the stuff. If you have any of the above problems I've mentioned, I recommend looking into Flax. It's cheap, easy to take and at the least, you'll add some more fiber and other natural minerals and elements to your diet.

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