I'll Stick to Online Shopping, thank you

I got to have my mini shopping spree over the weekend. It was the first time I had been shopping for myself in about 2 years. It wasn't as fun as I dreamed it was going to be. I'm not much of an actual shopper - I'm the type to put together a list of exactly what I want, mad dash into the store, grab, pay and get out. It cuts down on shopper confusion and buyer's remorse. Jaime decided to treat his self also, which led to the longest, boring shopping trip on earth! Now, he's a shopper. By the time I drug him out of Macy's I was starving, had a headache, felt terrible and was ready to go home. We didn't even do lunch. I binge ate at the abode and took a long nap. At least I know my size now, which was the only thing stopping me from shopping online - I'm a lot smaller than I thought. I saved myself from having to return everything.

I experienced my first earthquake aftershock late Saturday. Apparently there was a 5.6 in Oklahoma and somehow we felt tremors way later. I'm not sure how all that works. All I know is that isn't normal for me. I was watching a scary show, it was dark and the couch started shaking. The first TOTALLY LOGICAL thing I thought, was poltergeist! I freaked out and jumped off the couch convinced it was haunted. Jaime had to tell me what was really going on. I somehow felt relieved to know it was just the earth moving. I can handle that - ghosts make me livid.

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