The Perfect Bake

I'm not an "As Seen On TV" junkie, but I admittedly use a handful of products like my InStyler, Pajama Jeans and a few other random things I've picked up over the years. You won't find me buying the crazy Eggies or other creations with the hilarious commercials where people are massacring tomatoes that "just won't chop" and eggs that "just won't flip!" How did anyone ever boil an egg before Eggies!?

Okay, I'll admit my eggs fall apart when I peel them - but nothing like the infomercials. You might catch me giving Eggies a chance. Point was...I had to tell everyone about my Wilton Bar Pan. I only paid $13.00 for this little gem at Wal-Mart and I have to say, it is well worth it. Brownies are one bakery item that falls apart, for me at least. I've never had a recipe that when cut didn't flake at least the top layer. Brownies come out perfect, they are just the right size for single snacking, they don't fall apart when I pack them in Jaime's lunch and even cooler - baking muffins and cupcakes look super cool and modern. You can even ice your square cupcakes all the way around transforming them into cute MINI CAKES! I'm obsessed with mini cakes.

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