Touch plays a pivotal role in the development of children. Not just hugs and love from mom and dad, but also their own sense of touch. I'm always thinking of crazy new ways to explore the world with my kids through touch. This past weekend, I made the boys a giant book of textures.

It's so easy to make your own texture book at home and very inexpensive. I just used a large scrapbook and upcycled and repurposed things that were laying around my home to fill each page. I used everything from noodles and beans to leaves, shells and zippers. I also created a little story to go along with the book that has a repetitive phrase on each page so the kids can catch on and eventually mumble along while I read.

I think the greatest thing about this book is that it is secretly interesting Parker, who doesn't naturally like books like his twin brother Eli, but loves to play with anything new. Operation Babies love Book - a complete success!

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