{recipe} all natural Dry Shampoo

I've been using dry shampoo in my hair, on washing days off, for years. The idea didn't spark to share my homemade recipes until I was online and discovered: they sell dry shampoo in stores that are LOADED with chemicals!? It's basically the equivalent of spraying pesticide on your head every day - okay, so maybe it's not that bad...but it's close. Maybe you don't want to buy natural, maybe you don't want to buy organic, maybe you aren't interested in complicated homemade - but darn it, everyone should be interested in practically free, already in your house and no mixing required!

What is a Dry Shampoo
A dry shampoo is a powdered oil and odor absorber that removes build up from the hair follicles so hair looks fresh, clean and fluffy on days you don't wash your hair. There are a lot of reasons for using a dry shampoo: I personally use it because washing my hair daily makes it too dry, so I like to skip a day twice a week -and- sometimes I have an early obligation and would like that extra 20 minutes to sleep in or enjoy a cup of coffee.

The Problem
When I researched a few brands online, I literally shrieked at the ingredients list!

This list actually went on! Yup - that is in one container. We're talking risks of neurotoxicity, irritation of skin, eyes and lungs, organ system toxicity, endocrine disruption, ecotoxicology, enhanced skin absorption - and more - all wrapped up in one pretty bottle. At least normal store brand liquid shampoo that is loaded with chemicals is washed out of the hair - this is just sitting and absorbing all day...EXTRA not cool.

The Cure
My Favorite All Natural Recipes

  • Recipe #1: Cornstarch {yes, that's it...just cornstarch}
  • Recipe #2: Baby Powder {again, that's the whole recipe}
  • Recipe #3: Cocoa Powder {this is for dark hair only, easier than working with a white powder}
  • Recipe #4: Lavender Dry Shampoo - Mix equal parts lavender powder and cornstarch
  • Recipe #5: Rosemary Dry Shampoo - Same as above, but replace lavender powder with rosemary powder

How to Use
My favorite method is using an oversized blush brush. I dip the brush in my dry shampoo, separate hair in 1 inch sections and brush the powder ONLY onto the oily roots. When I'm done, I run a brush through my hair and double check to make sure no white powder is left visible. I typically like to run my InStyler {type of flat iron} through my hair to freshen the straight look. This entire process only takes a few minutes - no longer than the store version.

If sporting a curly style: gently brush {with the blush brush} through the sections on the roots and work powder with fingertips if needed, until no longer visible. Fix to desired look.


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