{recipe} Should be Famous Peanut Butter Pie

This is the recipe for my original Should be Famous Peanut Butter Pie. There are a lot of variations, including an almost fat free version. I have included a few alternatives below. Last week I made a low fat version because we had Halloween candy haunting me. I didn't feel like I needed rich pie and a 5 pound bowl of junk to tempt me. Anyway! I highly suggest whipping out the full version for Thanksgiving or any special dinner party or event. People will rave and you will feel like a genius! The best part is that it's no bake. Everyone will think you slaved in the kitchen, and hands on time, literally takes minutes.

1 {9 inch} prepared graham cracker crust
5 ounces semi-sweet chocolate chips
1 {8 ounce} package cream cheese
1/2 cup creamy peanut butter
1/2 cup powdered sugar
1 {16 ounce} container frozen whipped topping
15 mini Reese's peanut butter cups

Set out the cream cheese and frozen whipped topping to thaw and soften. Put the 15 mini Reese's peanut butter cups in the freezer for easier chopping. In the microwave, melt the 5 ounces of semi-sweet chocolate chips in 30 second increments, stirring in between until just melted. Pour the melted chocolate and spread evenly into the bottom of the prepared graham cracker crust. Let it cool completely while the cream cheese softens and the whipped topping thaws and softens at room temperature.

When everything is completely softened, mix the cream cheese, powdered sugar and peanut butter together until smooth. Fold in half {8 ounces} of the whipped topping. Spoon the mixture into the graham cracker crust. Then top the pie with the last remaining 8 ounces of whipped topping. Chop the Reese's peanut butter cups a bit and sprinkle on top of the pie. Place the entire pie in the fridge for at least 2 hours before serving or prepare the night before and leave in the fridge over night. Bon App├ętit!

Alternate Serving Suggestions
*Use all low fat, fat free and/or sugar free ingredients - this will make for a lighter whippier pie, so I suggest serving frozen if using this variation - It is amazing!
*Choose organic and all natural ingredients
*Omit some or all of the layers except the middle peanut butter filling layer - can drizzle with fat free chocolate syrup to bring in the chocolate component

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