Thanksgiving Plans

The past week has been pretty crazy. I would say we're a little less stressed than most because we don't have big Thanksgiving plans. That lifts a lot of stress. Instead of freaking out about where we're going, what dishes we're bringing, who to see in the AM, who to see in the PM or fighting to have our own tradition - we're just hanging out. I'll be cooking a semi-tradish dinner around dinner time and this morning will be a normal one. 

Besides kicking it, we've just been shopping and pre-Thanksgiving grubbing down. Jaime bought a monster TV set. We had an agreement we weren't buying a new TV, new furniture, etc...until we buy our house in Missouri next year. That lasted all of 3 months. Now I have booboo furniture and a television that needs its own moving truck. I bought Eli new shoes and we love them so much. Just the other day I purchased another pair for Parker that are on their way. That's about it on our home front. I hope everyone enjoys there Thanksgiving and that it is a happy and safe one!  

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