a Trip to Megaland

Jaime completely surprised me yesterday with a trip to Babies "R" Us. Yes, we practically live there. I mentioned about a week ago, via blog, that I really wanted to get the Megaland Pop-Up Playset for indoor fun when it's too cold outside. We got it last night!!! Until we started setting it up, we didn't realize that it is HUGE! I guess they meant Mega when they said Megaland. It's under $60.00, even when it's not on sale like it is right now, so I thought it would be smaller and flimsy. It's amazing - super durable, pops up in seconds and comes with a huge bag of balls to play with, has cut shape areas, lots of colors, tunnels, hang out tents, a basketball hoop, peek-a-boo windows and tons of other features. It takes up our entire bar area, which luckily, we hadn't set up yet. We're officially deeming it "kids zone" and will leave the breakfast nook/bar area unset. If anyone out there has the room + really active kids = get one! You won't regret it.

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