Christmas Eve Already!

Merry Christmas Eve! I am eating my Christmas Morning Casserole a day early and watching the kids play with their new giant ball. My husband's family had a "One Gift" on Christmas Eve tradition that we are carrying on. Just since yesterday we've had a million new things happen. James and Blanca arrived at our place safely all the way from the East Coast. I finally had enough company to make old fashioned Southern popcorn balls. I ended up eating half of them myself last night. 

Even though we are over 1100 miles away from our hometown, we've still been able to see lots of family. I was lucky enough that my dad was passing through town Thursday. We got to hang out, catch up and the kids got to see Grandpa for Christmas.

We also had our first officially witnessed flurries! The kids and I were so excited. It came out of nowhere. I'm hoping we get some that sticks tonight. I would LOVE to wake up to a yard full of snow. I haven't made a snowman in years.

So, I'm curious to know what everyone is cooking for Christmas and/or Christmas Eve dinner? Is everyone turkied out? We did a small chicken for Thanksgiving, not enough people for a whole turkey, so it's on for Christmas day ~ I'm brining and frying! I can't wait. We also had a debate about pie, so I'm making chocolate and sweet potato. You can never have too much pie.

***Alert: Eli can get on the furniture now!  Yikes!***

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