{project} Receptive ID Book for Kids

Speech is such an important part of development for babies and children. All types of talk, even the cute baby talk we often babble at our newborn children, all aids in the development of learning the structure of language and importance of verbal communication. Making a Receptive ID Book for your baby or toddler is an amazing way to help make the connection between words and real objects and even expand vocabulary. This is a super fun and easy project that can cost as little as $10 to make.

Choose 12 objects or less. These can be objects that are going to be exposed to your children regularly, like a sippy cup, or objects they already use often, like blanky, ball, bear - that they don't already know the name of. If expanding a child's vocabulary, you can choose real objects they may be exposed to that you want them to learn like car, hotdog, fork and so on. For younger children, the object here is not for them to necessarily speak the word. It is for you to be able to ask your child "Where's Blanky" and for them to make the connection and perhaps try and look for good old blanky.

You're going to take photos of each object. The photos don't have to be professional, they simply need to be clear and the only object in the photo. Print each photo out onto regular paper {only 1 photo and word per page}, or use a heavier paper type, even photo paper is great. You can print each photo out with the connective word typed or you can simply write it in after you have printed the photos off. Your kids will most likely want to turn the pages and pull on them, so I highly suggest either slipping your finalized sheets into plastic protectors or punching holes into each sheet and reinforcing the holes with hole reinforcements. Simply add each page into either a 3 ring binder or you can get fancy and use a scrap book.

Every day sit with your little one and show them each photo while speaking the word clearly to them. It is really fun to also hold the actual object, show them the picture with the word and then show them the real object. Kids get so excited. It's really cute to see them look at the object, then the photo and see their little eyes light up with curiosity and amazement.

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