{review} Skinny Pajama Jeans

I am a Pajama Jeans addict. Some may remember from my original style Pajama Jean post, I stated I loved them so much, I would buy any style they came out with. With the discovery of skinny, another purchase was made.

Both times they have claimed shipping may take up to 6 weeks and I've received mine in less than two. I'm in between sizes and could probably fit into the mediums, but both times I have ordered smalls. I wash and wear. They are absolutely fabulous. I wore them over the hectic holiday weekend while I:

*Made cold process shampoo bars
*Cooked a Christmas dinner that included a full spread of food and multiple pies
*Traveled around to the local market and other shopping venues
*Went out to dinner
*Chased around the kids

And so much more. The past week I've been bending, heavy lifting, copping a squat on the floor often, squeezing into vans to pack in kids, then cleaning up for a night out on the town. They have been with me and haven't failed me once. They fit perfect, they look great with flats, heals and boots, they are comfy, soft and breathable. I give Pajama Jeans another A+ for a job well done with skinny's.

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