Sometimes Change is Good

Jaime and I have pretty much been doing things the same way since the twins were born. I take care all day and through the night when he works the next day, and on nights and weekends we share all tasks. We sit and help the kids eat together, give them baths together, put them to bed together and clean up the tornado of toys together.

With both of us desperate for a break and no one to give it besides each other, our old system changed. Over the weekend we tested out a new method. We are now splitting everything 50/50 and giving the other person a complete break. This may sound like a normal epiphany for most, but when you have two babies or more at the same time, you get desperate for help as often as you can get it, and sometimes you can't function without it. With the kids being so much more self sufficient, what is normal for others finally works for us.

Just to give an accurate picture of a single impossible task: It's impossible to keep two babies from having an accident sloshing around in the tub by yourself, and just as complicated trying to work with another person in such a small space. I had to give them separate baths in the baby tub for almost a year, then Jaime had to co-bathe in the regular tub for 6 months after that.  This doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of what we've had to deal with having multiples. 

So, our weekend was terribly fabulous. We did absolutely nothing and I got breaks all through each day. The time by myself was almost therapeutic. I'm looking forward to this weekend. I'm thinking a "Sleep In Clause" might have to be worked in for the person that isn't responsible for breakfast on that rotation.

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