Spice is the Variety of Life

I've gotten accustomed to feeding my kids a pretty bland diet. It started with the 1-3 stage baby foods, which are blander than bland itself. They completely enjoyed all vegetables, fruits; anything that is healthy, really. At their one year birthday, it was babies first sugar time. They hated the cake. They didn't want anything to do with it and actually got pretty upset. I have happily been feeding them like Olympic athletes since. Everything is well balanced and seasoned very little, with no salt.

I've been feeling really guilty about it lately. Cooking, baking and eating food is something I really enjoy. I started thinking, feeding them so efficiently may take the joy that can accompany their eating experience, out. Don't get me wrong, I don't want junk hounds and salt addicts here. I'm just looking to kick things up a few notches from gruel.

So, to wake up there taste buds and explore through food, I've been totally saucing it up. I've been throwing in minced garlic, a little salt, pepper, sweet red bell pepper flakes, basil, oregano: the works! They aren't really impressed, I will admit, but I'm still going strong. We'll also be working in some special treats like lollipops, homemade frozen yogurt, a dash of chocolate in their milk, etc...in the future to try and give the full eating experience.

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