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My name is Janice. I am a Houston designer who loves to create unique handmade pieces using sterling silver, 14kt gold fill, gold vermeil, semiprecious stones and crystals. I love the simple elegant style of design. I like to design jewelry that is comfortable, easy to wear and versatile enough to wear to the office boardroom or to the school field trip.



Cake Pops and Pie Pops are a rising trend among people who want to make a unique statement with their desserts while at the same time having the opportunity to satisfy a range of tastes! Cake Pops are essentially tiny truffles of moist cake on a stick dipped in a hard candy shell and garnished with a varieties of sprinkles or chocolate drizzle. Pie Pops are portable mini pies on a stick baked with a variety of pie fillings and crust designs. These treats are perfect for every occasion including birthdays, weddings, showers (wedding and baby), anniversaries, graduations, corporate events, holiday parties...and the list goes on!


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