Customized M&M's

Jaime and I don't have any type of holiday celebration rule. We don't expect gifts. We actually buy each other things year round, so the ordained gift giving days don't really matter. Every now and again, one or both of us will surprise the other with a gift or nice meal. It's so great because it is actually surprising. I have been secretly planning something for Valentine's Day this year. I can't even remember the last time we did something on the actual day. I've been pursuing the internet for cool Valentine's gifts and have found MANY, but one I am really excited about: Customized M&M's! I happened to glance at a commercial the other day, took a mental note, checked out the site and designed a set of my own that I am totally stoked about.

You get to pick a color mix of 3 out of many beautiful color types and create 4 different designs for them. You can upload 2 photos, self created designs or clip art and the other 2 are reserved for text. I did a mix of photos with just Jaime and I, then one of our whole family with two text M&M's that simply say "Jaime + Courtney" and "Our Family" in a stunning color mix of aqua, light blue and gold. I LOVE THEM! Then you get to pick out packaging. I chose the standard romance packaging, but they have a lot of great choices for any time of year. The entire process literally took minutes, then it's Add To Cart and buy time. I can't stress enough how cool it is that they do customization now. I have a feeling I'll be sending a lot of M&M's to people over the next few years.

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