Flying Solo

Over the weekend Jaime was in Louisiana for work, so it was just me, the kids and a massive cold. I use to only get sick once a year, and the entire time I've been with Jaime I can only recall him being sick once. Every time Jaime comes home from work he's dragging something new in with him. We have had 2 colds and 1 stomach flu just since we've lived here, that I can recall. It may even be more than that. I'm going to have to set up one of those Center for Disease Control sterilization rooms to decontaminate us each time we enter the house.

~ Anyway ~ Today I put together a little photo album for daddy so he can see what he missed over the weekend. It wasn't much - mostly runny noses, Parker's one runny eye, long relaxing baths, sleepless nights, bad TV, reading a zillion books and the kids finding new places to get in to.

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