Growing Up

A jack of all trades, but a master of none: That used to describe me perfectly. Since before I can remember, I have had this huge variety of interests and what I call "semi-talent." I can somewhat do dozens of things but was never really good at any of them. I drew, I loved animals and always wanted to be a vet, I could sew, bake, cook, dream, invent, create, write books...the list goes on. I was so set on becoming a veterinarian that when I didn't go for it, I was pretty much lost.

A few years back, someone I worked with said something that really stuck with me: They could see that I was full of talent, my problem was, I needed to make a choice. I needed to decide what it was I wanted to do and focus all my energy and time on that one thing so that I could flourish. I've always felt that. I have always known that I'm brimming with ideas, energy, creativity, talent - but picking one thing was impossible. I could never figure out what I liked enough to immerse myself in it completely -BUT- I've always known what I hate. That's a nice lone list.

My main passions as an adult have been managing, health and food. Combining a few of them, after many, many, many years, suddenly became a no brainer. My original plan: Managing + Food = Owning my own small French Deli. The plan that ended up working: Managing + Health = Owning my own natural body care company.

Finally, I'm flourishing. It feels really good to completely invest myself into something. What I do combines everything that I've been passionate about. I get to dream, experiment, test, create, invent, manage, account, project and in the end, even "cook". My work has turned into an awesome obsession that I look forward to doing forever. Something finally fits. Apparently this is what choosing is like.

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