In a Man's World

Every guy I have ever known has crazy home quirks. They typically include a spicy variety of hoarding problems, impossibly cluttered areas and bad bathroom conduct. I have lived with my husband for well over 5 years now and he is no exception. We have moved a lot {6 times to be exact} since that first time we moved in with each other and every place breads an entire new set of Filth Feng Shui.

In our newest home my guy:
  • Hangs clothes he isn't quite done with on the dining room chairs
  • Leaves everything he uses out on the bathroom counter every day
  • Sets the remote, outlet plugs and everything else he uses in the living room, on the fireplace mantle
  • Has a corner by the dining room table where he obsessively places shoes and more clothes he isn't done with
  • Won't throw anything away whether he needs/wants it or not
  • Piles everything he can fit on his dresser a mile high
  • Lays change, mail, kids toys and anything else he finds his self holding in the kitchen or bar area, on the bar
  • Constantly sets up and uses the dining room table as an office, no matter how many computer desks we have set up
  • Has ugly game stations that he mangles, along with wires, CD's, DVD cases and other technology accessories cluttered anywhere there is an outlet and shelf
  • Has a mountain the size of Everest by his dresser for clothes he isn't sure is dirty enough yet

It's the craziest thing. I used to fight him on it - it was an argument brewing ground for years. Ever since we've had the twins, I've laid off a lot. I let him have the piles that are hidden, like the awful ones in the bedroom -and- the ones that are in visible places, I make disappear on Monday's. It's the perfect day for me to clean because he's out of my hair most of the week. Then he swoops back in on weekends and muddles the place up all over again. My biggest fear: Our two boys having the same habits. Ugh!

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