Losing My Mind

I am losing it already this year! It's January and I have a brazilian things to prep for that are going to snowball come spring and summer. I can't help but freak out now because it will make things operate smooth later. We just moved about 6 months ago from Virginia to Missouri. We have a really nice temp home while we house hunt. We gave ourselves 1 year to find our dream home - Dream Home Countdown: 150 Days! We've been spending a lot of time researching homes, crime statistics in the neighborhoods, the schools and if all checks out, driving to see the property. 2012 hitting has made everything feel so close.

Add to List: Furniture. We are currently looking for dining room sets, living room sets and bedroom sets. We've gone on countless trips to Nebraska Furniture, where all the big stuff will be coming from. It's like a home superstore and it's FANTASTIC! What a place to dream. They also have a See's candy store inside, so when we visited over the weekend I bought a nut and chew assortment and walked the store eating them. Tip of the Day: See's boxes don't re-shut very well. I dropped mine, still in the bag, and candy flew everywhere.

We have a wedding coming up in May where I will be the maid of honor in short Malibu Blue. Add toning, weight loss, a light tan and a 1143 mile road trip with kids and hubby to the schedule.

I've become obsessed with: Double sided tape. The kids are going through this stage where they are terrorizing everything in the house - tipped laundry baskets, dirty laundry strung all over the house, every toy drug out and thrown on the floor, tipping big toys over, throwing everything off tables so it's all on the floor, getting in the trash - it's like living with a pack of wild dogs. I've started double side taping everything to table tops, walls and floors. I'm VERY close to screwing things that won't tape well to the actual walls, table tops and floors.

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