My Shopping Spree

I've gotten really simple over the years. I use to spend hundreds, maybe even thousands, of dollars on clothes and shoes every year. A few years ago I had the most amazing epiphany: I can buy tons of plain, inexpensive, stylish cut T-Shirts and rotate them with a few pairs of skinny and regular cut jeans, shorts, skirts, capri's, etc...I dress down with flats or boots and I dress up with heals, clutches, big hair and makeup and a variety of jewelry. It took all the guess work out of dressing. A stylish T and nice cut jean is a model staple. The simplicity of the look lets the person shine through, everything easily matches -PLUS- I get to spend all my hard earned bucks on billions of shoes and accessories. I never had the extra dough to blow on accessories before, and I look even more put together. So what did I buy???


I went all out at GAP. I bought 6 styles of T's in a variety of colors {10 T's total}, plus a great bra. They have an extra 25% sale on top of already marked down items, this weekend only, so I got 11 items, plus free shipping for only $95.00. Averaged out, that's less than $9 per piece of clothing. Now that's what I call a deal.

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