We've Been Lazy

We have made plans the last few weekends and haven't left to do anything! We're still house hunting, so this past weekend we wanted to check out more neighborhoods, on the market homes and dream at Nebraska Furniture. Did we end up doing any of that? No! We ended up getting in an argument about never making "set in stone" plans with a set time to leave. I can't get ready on time and leave the house without some type of organization. Mornings are a schedule packed time for me and with kids, you have to be a morning go getter, otherwise you run into nap time. If I'm pushing things around, I need a launch time. Our original not well planned out plan, has been bumped up to this upcoming weekend instead.

What did I end up doing over the weekend? Cooking! My most braggable masterpiece ~ A two day soup. I was so proud when it was done. I made my own homemade egg noodles on day 1 and on day 2, made my own stock, then turned it all into soup. I love big cooking projects.

Random Question: Does anyone else's kids carpet surf? No, it's not a dirty joke, so get your mind out of the gutter! Our kids take books, large flat toys, boxes, paper and anything else that will slide on the carpet, put their front arms on it and ride it across the floor like a boogie board?? They'll do it from room to room. It's really funny, but hard to catch on camera because the kids are camera hams - as soon as they see it come out they jump up and start posing. Typical kid behavior or just something silly our kids do?

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