Wick Wack

I'm not sure what it is, but when it flew into my mind I knew it described me perfectly. I've been all out of sorts. It's not just my general mood, it's my eating habits, sleeping habits, even the way I clean. All summer I was eating light, working out, going outside all day, cleaning hospital style and feeling really motivated. I'm not unraveling or anything dramatic, but I have been feeling sleepy, having crazy cravings, cooking a lot, eating way more often than usual and unless the apartment is burning down, I won't go outside. I'm not sure what is going to break the trend. I'm hoping it's just a winter thing.

Keeping along with the movement, I'm now on a quiche kick!? I don't know how it started. I woke up one day and thought "Quiche Sounds Good" and have been baking them ever since. This is a first for me. I pried myself out of the apartment last night to get ingredients for a quiche week extravaganza. I figure if I bake and eat myself quiche stupid, I'll never want another one again. On the positive side, they are really budget friendly. Between hubby and I, we can eat one quiche for four meals and they cost less than $10 to make.

I've already made a Spinach and Feta Quiche and a Crab Quiche. I'm actually in the middle of eating the crab for breakfast. Now all I have left is Quiche Lorraine and Asparagus Quiche to make. I'm hoping just those four will do it. Other things I've been eating 24/7: Cheese, bread and crab. Now that I laid it out like that, the quiche is self explanatory.

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