Are You Stumped

LOL - Sometimes my titles crack me up. This post is all about BREAD! No, I haven't lost my mind. I was just thinking the other day about the bread ends in pre-sliced and packaged bread. My entire life I have always thrown them away. Everyone in my house did. The funny thing is, when we bought fresh bakery bread, we all fought over the crusty ends because they are the best. What is that all about!?

I didn't even realize I treated the ends like trash until I met my husband. He eats all of the bread! I remember the first time I made a sandwich and one of the ends was missing. My first thought was, OMG - Did he accidentally eat the bread end! Like it was going to make him sick or something. It's not like the "Do Not Eat" packets in beef jerky, but I freaked out like it was.

It took me years before I brazenly made my first bread end sandwich. It was AMAZING! Just kidding, it was like every other sandwich I'd ever made though. Soft, tasty and I get a whole nother sandwich out of my bread loafs {yeah, I said's a word}. I do still make it with the end part facing in so it looks like a normal sandwich. I can't deal with a crazy looking bread end sandwich.

So how about you? Do you eat the ends or throw them away??

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