Booby Trapped

My husband's nemesis: the kids toy blocks, each one, an 8 sided pointy wheel of death. For Christmas we received a set of a dozen wooden blocks that the kids leave scattered around random places in the house. They are in the living room, bathroom, every bedroom. You really have to keep your focus on the floor when you're walking around our home. Jaime can't avoid them. They are like little land mines.

I have noticed it's really common with most men, to walk without paying attention to the floor. We've had them 2 months and I've only stepped on one once because I was running backwards playing with the kids. He pretty much steps on them daily. The worse thing about each block, is that once you step on one, it rolls around and stabs you with every corner. I would have to say it ranks in the top 10 toys no one should give to kids. If anyone is considering traditional blocks as a gift, look for soft sewn ones. Dads will be mucho appreciative.         

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