Can't Stop the Shop

I have been completely addicted to shopping lately, mostly online. I hadn't shopped in almost 2 years before I started going wild in January. Everything needed a complete overhaul. All I owned were heels, nice work clothes, tops the kids would easily pull down on accident and other things that don't work too well with young kids you have to carry around. I've been slowly replacing things.

This time I hit up Old Navy. I can honestly say I have only purchased 1 or 2 things from them before. I always went in the store looking for the wrong things and wound up finding nothing. This time I hit the shop hard with my spring vacation in mind. I loaded up my cart with sale items and popped in the extra 20% off code. I love a good shopping deal.

My Finds: A few sundresses, an uber cute pair of flip flops, lots of tops, a cardigan in case of a chill and some not too short shorts. I got everything for just under $200 and also took advantage of the free shipping.

Just remember, whoever wins the $200 Shopping Spree for Gap can also spend Old Navy.

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