Happy Valentine's Day

The big question I've been getting the past month is, "How are Jaime and I making Valentine's Day special after all the cooking and sharing I've done via blog?" I had some special surprises up my sleeve and so did Jaime, it turns out.

First, I made it snow. Okay...just kidding, but it did snow like crazy here yesterday so Whoo Hoo white Valentine's Day!

For him I am cooking something I've only made once: Steamed King Crab Legs. I'm serving with a Swiss Cheese fondue appetizer, light Strawberry Vinaigrette Salad with Toasted Pine Nuts and following with a Chocolate Turtle dessert fondue. Sounds complicated, but it's actually the quickest, easiest meal to make.

Then - I made him his own special blend of natural cologne. He's been looking for something different. Something with subtle, or no, typical wood notes and musk notes. His cologne is a clean, crisp and masculine blend of Lemon, Green Tea and Aloe.

From him, he surprised me by taking the kids dinner feedings and night baths ALL WEEK! It's something I never would have thought of and is better than anything else I was hoping for. I'll get to chill and work or watch TV every night this week. This is the equivalent of a full spa week for this overworked mom.

I hope everyone enjoys there Valentine's Day, and even if you don't celebrate {we usually don't}, I hope it's a great day!

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