He Poopied Where?

There aren't too many options for fun when it's winter time and you have a litter of kidlets. The other day I was watching TV {again!} and saw the funniest commercial, maybe ever. You might have to be a parent to understand the full realm of the content.

Rundown of the commercial: {you can also just watch below} It's about a little boy who tells his mom that he has gone poopie. As all mother are when kids are potty training, she was super stoked about it. When she went to the bathroom to help him flush, there was no poop in the toilet. She wearily asked "where" and the kid points to the tub.

Kids do the craziest things. I've been around a few people potty training their kids and there is always some sort of hilarious mishaps and strange stages. A few TRUE STORIES that stick out in my head:

  • Toddler has a bit of a shart accident and in a moment of embarrassment, tries to flush the underwear and stops up the toilet, really bad. When dadddy uses the snake to see what's going on, out pops the underwear.
  • Toddler hides poop accident inside of Mr. Potato Head
  • Toddler never flushes and never mentions anything, so you're always finding stinky surprises
  • Toddler who would hide dirty toilet paper in completely random places

Aren't kids grand!

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