In Need of a Recharge

Sometimes we have nothing to do all weekend and sometimes it's nonstop. This past weekend was action packed. It was like one of those vacations you need a vacation from. I've been feeling cooped up hiding from the cold and finally had enough. We went out and bought bikes and bike gear. Jaime got a mountain bike, I got a really cute cruiser, which in hindsight was pretty stupid because we live in mountainous hills. We got the helmets and kids cocoons for the back of the bikes.

Nothing was going to stop us. We bundled up as bundly as it gets and went out for a long ride. We were only out a short hour and I thought I was going to die. It wasn't cold. In fact, I was way too hot and sweaty. I have never biked in those types of hills before. The extra 40 pounds on the back of my bike didn't help matters either. By the end of the ride, I walked my bike with baby on board up the final hill to our place. For now on, it's leisurely strolls through our mostly flat neighborhood only. Add flat land to the list for our house hunting.

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