Mama's Got a Brand New Bag

I have been in the market for a new handbag for months. I thought back to how much use I got out of my Nine West when it hit me - I've had my old purse for over 2 years! Who does that!? I thought it had been a year, and that was long enough. I usually change them out seasonally because I get tired of the same look and feel. In a pregnancy, then a post pregnancy haze, I lost track of how long I really had the thing.

It has been through everything with me: Doctor visits during my twin pregnancy, a miserable pregnant Christmas, the birth of my kids, our first Christmas together, our first anniversary with kids, our first everything with kids really, moving to Missouri and so much more. Instead of packing it away like I do with all my emergency backup bags, I'm going to make this one into a work of art. I'm going to separate the inside from the outside, then cut and pattern block sew it together like an old tore up blanky. Then I'm going to frame it in a natural cut beach cottage unfinished wood frame. I'm thinking the type with the distressed white look. It should have a nice modern beach feel to it. 

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