We had so much fun over the weekend. It was another one of those crazy eventful few days. I need to start taking more naps. On the fun side, we went to air zone again. It had been a while. We knew it was time to take a break when the kids would try to run out of the play center and escape to the outdoors. Eli had a pretty good time, Parker really hated it. In his defense, it is LOUD in there. All the kids are running around and screaming in complete chaos, there is crappy loud music blaring in the background, then there is the sound of all the air pumps keeping the jump stuff inflated and the entire place is full of hideously nauseating bright colors. Every time I leave I have one of those headaches you get after going to a concert.

We've also been looking into preschool daycares for the kids part time. We're looking forward to meeting staff and getting a look around at one later in the week. I'm really excited about having the extra time to dive into my business. It is super busy, especially with all of the wholesale orders. I've been scrounging during kid nap times, nights and weekends. I would LOVE to have some actual daytime work hours all to myself -BUT- I have only left the kids a handful of times, and only with family. I know the place is capable, but I've been with the kids so long, I CAN'T LEAVE THEM! I'm attached!! I use to love my private time, now I'm all taken over and am not used to having time to myself. It's sick, sick I tell you!

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